Kahnawake Antigua Form Jurisdictional Pact

Kahnawake Gaming Commission has begun to fight back after left in the cold when the provincial government agency responsible for gambling in Quebec announced it was getting into online gambling and casino virksomhed.Kahnawake Gaming Commission, together with the regulatory body that oversees gambling operations in the Caribbean islands with Antigua is to form a unique "inter-jurisdictional" alliance, announced by the community recently.

General counsel for the Commission Kahnawake, Murray Marshall, said the formal pact would facilitate license holders are located on servers in either jurisdiction, adding, "It made sense for us to work together," Antigua and Barbuda was designated a white-list jurisdiction in 2008, which allows its clients to advertise their online brands in the UK. Kahnawake-Antigua MoU specified that it would not allow Kahnawake license holders to advertise in the UK. Mr. Marshall, commented, "Antigua's white list is only an advantage for Antigua's licensees," the covenant between Kahnawake Financial Services Regulatory Commission of Antigua and Barbuda does not imply any funding, but it is important alliance between the two jurisdictions.

According to the Montreal Gazette newspaper, gambling regulators have inter-jurisdictional information sharing agreements, but this "first of its kind" agreement provides an unprecedented degree of flexibility 'for licensing and hosting needs, Marshall was quoted as nævne.Indfødte gambling operations have been overlooked and basically left alone in terms of legislation in the country. Native gambling operations are separated from the German government allows everyone else to do. A recent article in a US gaming law draft suggested that the Canadian government should be a legal framework for Casino Games Kahnawake, Antigua pact will go a long way to deepen the dialogue between jurisdictions and regulatory authorities. Benefits all round for licensees and operators Kahnawake, has a wealth of experience in the business of regulating the online gambling industry.